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    Lonn Robertson, DMD

    I have been in love with running all my life – even though I was the slowest kid in my class for most of that time.  I began serious long-distance running and racing when I hit 50 and was tricked into a marathon and accidentally qualified for Boston. Since then I've raced all over the world, completing 53 marathons/ultras and countless half marathons. My proudest moments were finishing 2nd in my age division at the NYC Marathon (55,000 runners) and running the Comrades Marathon (56-mile road ultra in Durban, South Africa).

    As a health care provider, I'm deeply interested in the science of performance; studying most of the great marathon coaches and constantly reading extensive research on running physiology, mechanics,  and biochemistry. My passion for and experience with long-distance training provides the individuals on the team with carefully developed plans and strategies toward achieving maximum potential racing performance.

    While performance is paramount, as my co-coach Jenn agrees: “It isn’t actually the running that gets us out there every morning – it is the deep relationships we create each time we run with someone.”  This “5 AM Running Madness” team is my family within the greater “TrackTown” community that I deeply value.  “And I wouldn’t do it for a minute without my partner, Dr. Lewis.”

    Marathon 3:02 CIM
    Half Marathon 1:24:34  Rogue Half
    10K   39:26  Butte2Butte
    50K Ultra 4:40 MRTR
    40 miler  6:07 Peterson Ridge
    90K 8:30 Comrades 

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    Jenn Lewis, PhD

    The science, psychology, and community of running has become my heart's passion. Something about the act of running feels freeing and connects me with the awe of being a human and our potential and great capabilities. I like to do hard things, but I like to help others do hard things even more. Helping someone find something in them they didn't know they had is something that gives me great purpose.

    I am a PhD in Clinical Psychology and have years of experience in research and mental health care. I apply my knowledge of psychological and cognitive processes to enhance athletes' well-being, motivation, confidence, and grit. My research experience lends to a scientific, data-driven approach to physical and mental health, and I strive to incorporate rlevant and current evidence-based practices in athletic performance. I'm extremely passionate about helping runners of all abilities accomplish their goals through learning self-confidence, setting boundaries, breaking down barriers and pushing limits healthily. I'm a certified Road Runners Club of America endurance coach and a certified personal trainer and sports nutrition specialist through the International Sports Sciences Association.

    To learn more about individual coaching or mindset and mental performance training with me, visit www.jennlewisphd.com or contact me at coach.jennlewis@team5amrunning.madness.com

    Marathon 3:14:54 - Eugene Marathon 2022 - Boston Qualifier
    Half Marathon 1:32:00 Rogue Half-Marathon 2021 - NYC Qualifier
    10K   42:12 Butte2Butte 2021
    5k: 20:22 - Track Town Throwdown 2021

    Favorite Race/Runs: Oregon Coast 30k; Nike Women's Half-Marathon (discontinued sadly!); Summer Solstice Challenge - Summit Mt Pisgah at Sunrise; Summit Spencer's Butte at Sunset
  • 5 AM Running Madness Team

    Meet the Athletes

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    Stefanie Albert

    5am Runner OG

    In elementary school, I loved running the mile in PE class. I actually ran my first distance race in third grade. I think the course was about a mile and a quarter which seemed pretty long as an eight-year-old. However, my real love of running began in high school track and cross country. Other kids did those sports to stay in shape for soccer or basketball, but running was my thing. My specialty in high school was hurdles, but I also loved running the mile relay.

    In 2006 I ran my first half marathon, and quickly became hooked on distance running. Later that year I ran my first marathon in Portland, Oregon. Since then I have run five other marathons. These days I focus on shorter races, and balancing my role as a wife, mother, and ICU nurse.

    Marathon: 3:06.50 - Boston and NYC Qualifier
    Half marathon: 1:24.33
    10K: 39:00
    5K: 18:44

    I am one of the original 5am Madness runners, along with Brad and Lonn. Over the years I’ve had some lapses in my commitment to running at such an early hour, but I’ve been a regular again for the last few years. As hard as it can be to wake up so early to run, in my busy life it really is the best time to run. It always feels great to do something for myself before spending the day focusing on other people’s needs. However, what really keeps me dedicated is the people in this group. This really is such a pleasant group of people be around!

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    Lizzy Bates

    5am Runner since 2021

    From a young age, I’ve loved being active and outdoors and chose my activities accordingly. I spent most of my teenage years and early 20s on the water ‘messing about in boats’ (to quote a favorite book ‘Wind and the Willows’). I competed as a lightweight rower in college and afterwards at the elite level. Running was my favorite cross-training and a fun activity to do with friends and family. When rowing took a back seat to pursuing my nursing career, I looked to running to fulfill my love of being active, clear my head and work towards goals, both solo and with fantastic running partners. I love the simplicity of running, how just throwing on a pair of shoes and heading out the door can lead to so many adventures, personal growth, facing challenges, and pursuing accomplishments. I ran my first marathon in 2014 and was hooked. I have since run 6 marathons, a handful of halfs, and then shifted my focus to trail running for fun.

    Marathon: 3:17.04 (Boston Marathon, 2016)
    Half Marathon: 1:31.48 (Run to Stay Warm, 2021)

    Most memorable long runs: Boston Marathon 2016; Boston Marathon 2018 and persevering through the weather!; Grand Canyon Rim to Rim, Jasper National Park Skyline Trail, the Presidential Traverse (White Mountains, NH) and the Otter Trail, South Africa (I love destination trail runs.. why backpack it when you can run it?!)

    I moved to Eugene in the summer of 2021 and I started the search for a running community to support my goals of running and training now as a mother and student. I found Team 5am and was enveloped into the wonderful, supportive, and fun community. Thanks to Team 5am, my return to training has not only been kickstarted, but truly ignited and sustained by the dedicated, amazing coaches and teammates I’m blessed to run with. It is inspiring to see teammates show up every day to push themselves, work towards and reach their goals. The coaches are committed to helping each of us reach, believe, and achieve. We all encourage each other and celebrate each other’s achievements, big and small. Above all, we have a great time and brighten up the hours before 6:30a. I can’t imagine a better way to start the day!

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    Erin Beltran

    5am Runner since 2021

    I was born in Eugene, Oregon which is somewhat of a rarity. Now, my husband and I are raising our children and running a small media production business here. I enjoy taking photos, drawing, painting, gardening, and listening to music, podcasts, and audiobooks. I like anything creative, while I don’t find much time to use traditional mediums, I truly think imagination can be applied to everyday activities. Everyone who visits our house jokes that it is never the same because I constantly see how the space can work better and make adjustments. Everything is a work in never-ending progress, including ourselves. Running is a great discipline that helps advance that process while simultaneously spilling into other aspects of life. Although I’m from Track Town USA, I didn’t grow up running or playing sports. I ran for a few years in High School but stopped running completely until my late 30s. Almost all of my races and PRs have been within the past two years. It’s fun to see that age or children don’t stop us from getting fit or pursuing goals. Most of all, I’ve truly enjoyed the people I’ve met while progressing in the sport.

    Marathon: 2:58:59 - Eugene Marathon 2022 - NYC and Boston Qualifier
    Half Marathon: 1:29:25 - Run to stay warm 2021
    10K - 41:42 - Butte to Butte 2021

    As a relatively new member of Team 5am Madness, I’ve always felt included regardless of the group's deep-rooted friendships. This team is not for the faint of heart. They work exceptionally hard and are a talented group of runners. They also know how to balance between pushing athleticism and developing the whole person. Emphasis is on training hard, resting easy, and life being more than running. Jenn and Lonn are attentive co-coaches who care about the team as a close-knit whole, working with each other. Their approaches are different but complementary with common goals of uniting the running community.

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    Dan Bowers

    5am Runner since 2015

    I first started running in 2007 when a friend convinced me and my roommates to come out and go for 2-3 mile runs. I soon realized that even on days when we couldn’t get the group together, I still wanted to go run… it took another couple years of running casually for me to seriously begin training up to marathon distances, but once I did I was hooked.

    I’ve known Lonn for many years, and I had heard legends of his group of 5AM runners as far back as 2012, but at the time I declared that was too early for me. Around mid-2015 I finally decided to commit to running in the mornings during the workweek, and after a couple of injury-riddled years I joined this group to help me get back to being able to run marathons again. Turns out, they helped me get a whole lot faster too. My favorite thing about running is the feeling of accomplishment that comes from setting a goal for yourself, working hard, and then realizing that goal.

    Marathon: 2:57:27 (CIM 2018) - Boston Qualifier
    Half-marathon: 1:26:08 (CIM SIM Half Marathon 2020)
    10K: 39:30 (Scandia Run 2018)
    5K: 18:42 (2021 Track Town Throwdown 5k)

    Over the years I've also organized many company teams to participate in events like Cascade Lakes Relay and the Scandia Run 10K."

    I don’t really know how best to describe the 5AM Madness team. It’s the most supportive, caring group of people I could imagine training with. But everyone also brings an intensity to their training so that we’re always pushing to make each other better. It’s a dedicated group of people who are just mad enough to make the entire experience immensely enjoyable!

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    Scott Bush

    5am Runner since 2020

    After 20 years of retail management I've started an auto detailing business out of my home to focus more on my family which includes my wife and two girls. I've always been a car guy and a little obsessive about cleaning so it is a perfect fit. Our family enjoys getting outdoors and hiking Western and Central Oregon. Exploring the Cascade mountain range is my favorite. When not spending time with family I enjoy a variety of music and watching college sports.

    The biggest factors as to why I enjoy running are the physical and mental strength gains, along with the community. You get to challenge as much of yourself as you are willing to undertake. There's a mutual respect knowing other runners face the same trials as you. As a result, you encourage yourself to be the best version of yourself while encouraging others.

    50K: 4:58:12 (Virtual MRTR 2020)
    Marathon: 3:43
    Half marathon: 1:33:17
    10K: 41:12
    5K: 19:27

    Team 5am works perfectly for my schedule and allows more time in the evenings for family while still working towards personal goals. It's also a great way to energize your body before the workday. Most importantly is the how welcoming everyone is, even at my first group run. Everyone was quick to invite me to the next run. I've lived in Oregon since 2015 and can't imagine a better area to call home between the outdoor options year round and wonderful people here. Team 5am is a big part of what makes the community so special for me.

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    Allison Churchill

    5am Runner since 2017

    I ran a bit in middle/high school but it was always for external pressure from friends and family. I never enjoyed it for what it was and psyched myself out for every race and workout. In college, I picked up trail running and became more competitive with racing again. Trails (with lots of hills and beautiful views) especially hold a special place in my heart. Running is a way to tune into your thoughts, body, surroundings, or the company around you; a way to stay active but also a meditation. It’s a way to be social but also appreciate the world in front of you while experiencing it on your own two legs. It can take you wherever and however far you choose;  even further than you ever imagined. It’s a way to prove to yourself that when you put your mind to something, only God (and Lonn) knows what you’ll be able to achieve, which is always more than you could ever dream up on your own.

    Outside of running I’m a cardiovascular procedural and vascular access (IV) therapy nurse, which keeps my brain and my legs moving. I love to travel to all corners of the world to soak in the culture and wondrous scenery (favorites so far include Iceland and Jordan). At home I have an active and loving partner and an even more active and adventurous 2 year-old blue heeler named Milo who both keep my brain and legs going even more. Milo has unlocked a whole new level of running and hiking for me… Seeing his smile and bright eyes as he soaks everything in and shares that same joy as I do makes me love it even more.

    Marathon - 2:55:59 (CIM 2018) - Boston and NYC Qualifier
    Half Marathon - 1:23:45
    10k - 37:34
    5k - 18:06
    Other favs: Tillamook Burn 50K with 7500ft elevation gain, Gorge Waterfalls 50k Oakridge Triple Summit (Dead Mountain x 2, Larison Rock x 1), and Autumn Trails 16 miler x 2.

    What I love about Team 5AM is every single person has your back in training, racing, and life in general. These are genuine people you can rely on and so many times after runs of all kinds, or even grabbing a beer together, it feels like everything is right in the world because of the love and respect that we share for the sport and for each other in this little running family. Maybe it’s the runner’s high haha, but I 100% think it’s so much more than that. This team has been such a significant blessing in my own life and is one of the special gems of Eugene as a whole.

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    Brad Chvatal

    5am Runner OG

    I was in 7th grade and just knew that I had to win the 2-mile middle school Turkey Trot. With all of the school watching, I got 2nd in a photo finish that was too-close-to-call so we both won the turkey—and I realized I just might be okay at this running thing! In 9th grade, I joined the cross-country team and so began my life-long love affair with running! I was 10th in the Hawaii state cross-country meet sophomore year and 10th in the Arizona state cross-country meet senior year and 3rd in the 3200—just not quite good enough to be recruited by Division 1 colleges. So, I walked onto the University of Arizona cross-country and track teams and lettered in both sports. In 1996, I made my first foray into the marathon in Portland where I qualified for the 100th running of Boston. And, I found passion in the world of running: the marathon.

    I’ve always used running for my physical health, my mental health, and my friend time. I took a break from running in 2002 and let the stress of life catch up to me. I was struggling and felt like my world was collapsing around me. And, then I remembered that there were 2 guys who met at 445 to run around Coburg. I woke up one morning, forced myself to lace up my shoes and find them. And—that, my friends—is how the whole idea of 5 am Madness got started! Lonn Robertson and I met a few years later, became fast friends, ran the NYC Marathon together, and the rest is history!

    I’m not a stats guy so I don’t even know how many marathons I’ve run—and, maybe that’s because I try to love the journey and the training as much as I love the race itself. I love big marathons and excitement they bring and have run Boston, New York, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, Marine Corps, Chicago, and Berlin all at least once. And, as long as my body will allow me to keep doing this, I’m sure as hell going to keep trying!

    Marathon: 2:31:51
    Half marathon: 1:10:10
    5K: 15:39
    Mile: 4:22.2

    I’ve continued my journey with Lonn, but it’s also been so amazing to be part of everyone who has come and gone and come again to this group. I am thankful to have found such a great group of supportive, dedicated, funny, humble, passionate, and smart runners who don’t take themselves too seriously to train with!

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    Sam Cochran

    5am Runner since 2016

    Running started for me at an early age, when I was 5 or 6 years old. When I got to middle school I competed in the 1500 event and then moved on to cross country during high school. After a long break from running, I laced up my shoes again at the end of 2015. The year of 2016 was the begging of my serious running career. Starting with the Cottage Grove half marathon, the Eugene Marathon and finishing the year with my first ever Boston Qualifier at the California International Marathon. It was right after the Cottage Grove Half in 2016 that I began running with the 5 AM Madness crew. Another race I've done that stands out to me is the Peterson Ridge Rumble, 40 miler

    In general, running makes me a better person. It energizes me and provides the belief that anything is possible. Racing and training provide the opportunity to meet new people, see new places and take part in something bigger than me.

    Marathon: 2:55:02 (CIM, 2017) Boston and NYC Qualifier
    Half marathon: 1:19:21 (Cottage Grove Half, 2017)
    10K: 38:33 (Butte to Butte, 2017)
    5K: 17:56

    The 5AM Running Madness experience provides guidance, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose in life. Aside from personal achievements I really love seeing others hit their goals year after year.

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    Ashley Conklin

    5am Runner since 2020

    I began to take running seriously in 2012 as a means to lose weight and become more physically active. In 2013, I ran my first half-marathon and kind of took off from there. After moving to Eugene in the fall of 2015, I increased my training in preparation for my first Hood to Coast Relay in 2016. In 2018, I joined the Run the Edge program started by former Olympian Adam Goucher, which challenges participants to exercise (in my case run) as many miles as there are in that year. I mostly run 10K and half-marathon races but have begun taking on the marathon distance recently. The 2019 Eugene Marathon was my first marathon.

    I've always been a competitive person who was very active in sports in junior high and high school so running is a good way to keep those competitive juices flowing while staying physically fit and healthy.

    Marathon: 3:49:38
    Half-marathon: 1:37:23
    15K: 1:09:13
    10K: 43:49
    5K: 20:36
    Mile: 6:17

    I've really enjoyed being a part of the 5 A.M. Running Madness Team because of the camaraderie of the team members. Being a part of a running team helps hold you accountable in a supportive and encouraging way. Plus, I've met a lot of great new people I feel lucky enough to call friends.

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    Lyndy Davis

    5am Runner since 2022 - 2 x Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier

    I started running as an awkward tween in middle school because I had a lot of energy but didn't like the physical contact of other sports or balls flying at me. When my high school cross-country team went to a summer training camp, I found out that I could race fast if I ran over the summer. I've been running regularly ever since: competitively racing for the University of Portland and then joining the elite team Oiselle Haute Volee after graduating Grad School. Now I am a 2x USA Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier, trying to make my third while navigating motherhood and a full-time career in tech.

    I love wine country long open road races in the summertime as well as slow training miles on single track trails. Training fills my soul and I love the tired feeling after a tempo run; but racing gives me the biggest thrill. There is something really special and addicting about running the fastest your body has ever gone on a certain course, distance, age...

    Marathon: 2:39:06 - OTQ - CIM 2017
    Half Marathon: 1:17:25
    10k: 34:31
    5k: 16:33

    Guiness World Record: Fastest Half-Marathon Pulling a Stroller (KidRunner Stroller)

    I like how Team 5am Running Madness starts the day with a team run or workout before the rest of the town wakes up. It’s fun to be part of such a cheerful, encouraging, hardworking team. Our coaches provide a spectacular combination of research based training, mental health insights for athletes and specialized guidance on racing strategies. Look no further for top notch marathon training in Eugene.

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    Andrea Imhof

    5am Runner since 2019 - Marathon Olympic Trials Qualifier 2020

    I think a part of me always identified as a runner. I started running when I was 10 and I ran cross country through middle school and high school. Middle distance events (800m, mile) dominated my running through most of high school and college (I ran for Dartmouth). After college, I grew to love the challenge of longer distances because of the collaborative, supportive nature of training and racing long distances. I've been lucky to have found several incredible running communities across the different cities I've called home. I joined 5am Madness in January 2019 after Jenn Lewis recruited me.

    For me, running isn't about the competition, it's about freedom -- seeing the world, getting fresh air, and feeling alive. It's my daily meditation -- the best way to clear my head after a stressful day, a replacement for morning coffee, and a cure for (almost all) physical and emotional ailments. I love the communities I've found and connected with and the pure simple grittiness of the sport: setting impossible goals and achieving them alongside others.

    Marathon: 2:44:03 -CIM 2018 - 2020 OTQ - Boston and NYC Qualifier
    Half marathon: 1:18:16
    10K: 36:26
    5K: 17:45

    5am Madness is unlike any other running community I've ever been a part of -- it's really a magical group composed of selfless individuals who show up for each other, pull each other through workouts, and grow together. Teammates will flex their schedules so you have support during hard workouts and will road-trip just to cheer you on as you pursue big goals. It's an incredibly inclusive group. Pace and experience don't matter -- just show up, work hard, and we all get stronger together.

    The Coaches are fiercely dedicated to the group and make all the pieces fit together. Some of the most supportive coaches I've ever worked with -- fierce believers in the potential of every one of us, with just the right amount of push to allow us to believe that our crazy goals might be possible. They're the kind of coaches who will sacrifice their Sunday to support your long run. They ride the perfect balance of tough love and genuine enthusiasm -- for the sport, for our achievements, and for the entire 5am Madness team.

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    Kate Kelp-Stebbins

    5am Runner since 2021

    Any time I arrive in a new place, my first question is “where should I run?” So many of my favorite memories are flashes of scenery rolling past me. And I imagine that if my life ever passes before my eyes, it will be an infinite reel of every mile my sneakers have sped over.

    It wasn’t until my last year of grad school that I ran my first half marathon at the suggestion of a running partner. The race was good; the training was amazing, and I became captivated by the rhythm of directing my running toward a goal. I still prefer training, with its beguiling combination of confidence-building and frustration. Working toward a goal one mile at a time, ballasted by the strength and support of teammates is such a rewarding experience. Because I didn’t race until my thirties, my A goal for any race has just been to surprise myself. I would highly recommend this goal as I have been consistently successful, mostly thanks to the incredible community and teammates who have made me stronger and faster than I ever imagined.

    Marathon: 3:04 - Eugene Marathon 2022 - BQ and NYC Qualifier
    Half Marathon: 1:27 (2021 EWEB Run to Stay Warm)
    10K: 41:54 (2021 Butte to Butte)

    I cannot imagine a more dedicated group of mad runners than Team 5am. Everyone provides endless inspiration and camaraderie. There are times where I nearly forget to keep moving my feet because I am too busy watching my awe-inspiring teammates. Other times I forget I’m moving my feet because it’s almost as if I am being lofted along by the power and strength of my team. I am so grateful to have coaches who can imagine a runner I didn’t know I could become. I am so grateful that running alone through a pitch-black forest, I know that others are with me...especially because Brad might walk out from behind some trees, freak me out, cause me to shriek, and then pace me for the next eight miles.

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    Jenny Klein

    5am Runner since 2021

    I started running as a kid running through the neighborhood; barefoot-chasing and outrunning the boys. When I was 11 years old I was asked to join a track team called The Flying Pigs, where I competed in USATF/AAU Junior Olympic track meets in the summer months. From ages 11-17 I had an opportunity to travel and compete around the US, in the 800m, 1500m, 4x400, and 2000m Steeplechase. My success in the steeplechase at a young age and my supportive coach, landed me at UW-Oshkosh- a highly respected D3 school in eastern WI. I ran Cross Country and indoor/outdoor Track. I had the opportunity to run in National Championships in Cross Country and qualified for the indoor DMR and outdoor 3K Steeplechase in my collegiate career. 10 years post-collegiate, I am ready to be a competitive runner again! I started training for my first (planned) half-the 2021 Eugene Half Marathon. During the end of this training period, I realized I needed a team to reach my goals.

    I love everything about the running process. I love that it's complicated, I love that it's easy, I love how it makes me strong, I love that it's different every day. It's there for me as I process the past and present. Running helps prepare me for other challenges I encounter in life, and overall makes me a better person! Last and not least, running is where I find the best and most long lasting friendships.

    Half Marathon: 1:31:42 (2021 Rogue HalfMarathon) - NYC Qualifier
    10K: 42:00 (2021 Butte to Butte)
    5k: 17:55

    After my first week of running with Team 5am Running Madness, I felt like I've been a part of the group for much longer, because everyone was so personable. I knew right away, this was the environment that would be perfect for personal growth, sense of community, and lots of adventures! Jenn and Lonn are incredibly receptive coaches who strive to truly know their athletes and support them mind and body.

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    Jesse Klein

    5am Runner since 2021

    Growing up, running was more to get into shape for soccer, which was my main athletic love. Post collegiately, I realized it was easier to get out and run by myself than to need 20 other people to play a game... shortly after, I realized running was more enjoyable too. My first real training was in 2015 for a trail half marathon in WA (which my wife and I road tripped to and eventually visited Eugene for the first time).

    Not too important to me, but I do enjoy training for trail races 50k and below and racing some shorter distances along the way.

    I've been in love with running ever since. As a physical therapist, I can't help but think about the innumerous health benefits of running. But beyond physiology, there's something so human about the practice of running and I do believe we're 'born to run.' Working with runners to get back to and improve their running is one of my favorite things. I love the way running is personal, and sometimes pushes us, but sometimes pulls us along in life. I also love the way it's communcal, it connects people across the city and across the globe. And that's where Team 5am comes in - I (admittedly) started coming because my wife did. But it didn't take long before I was hooked on the group's welcoming environment and cheerful but competitive spirit. The training and programming itself is great; but the coaches and teammates are even better. I've been waking up too early ever since - and loving it.

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    Jon Marx

    5am Runner since 2021

    Aside from a week on the middle school cross country team, I didn’t start running until my late 20s when I decided it was time to get off the couch and drop some lbs. What started with a 0.8 loop around my neighborhood (which felt like a marathon) turned into actual marathons a few years later. My journey to serious running began when I ran the 2018 Eugene Half Marathon. After finishing, I knew I wanted to run a full marathon and within the next year my love of running skyrocketed. I ran my first full, Arizona Rock n’ Roll, in early 2020, and finished knowing I wanted to do another. Several half marathons and a few marathons later, here I am!

    One of the things I love about running is how every runner can have a different relationship with it and enjoy it in different ways, and that everyone’s journey is different. For me, that meant running to lose weight, then to stay in shape, and ultimately now, running for the purpose of getting better at running. My first 10K in 2011 took an hour and a half…and now I believe I have a shot at qualifying for Boston in the next few years. It’s a journey I totally didn’t expect but am absolutely enjoying.

    Marathon: 3:16:07 (CIM 2021)
    Half Marathon: 1:31:10 (Red Queen's Race 2022)
    10K: 41:20 (OTC 10k 2022)
    5K: 20:34 (2020 Virtual Run to Stay Warm)

    For me, 5am Running Madness fills a hole that I’ve lacked the last couple of years: community and accountability. Being cheered on at the track, or grinding with the pack during some tough tempo miles sure makes things a lot more enjoyable (and go by quicker, too). I felt like part of the team since the first workout I attended, and I don’t think you could say that about every running club. Lonn and Jenn are both so invested in the personal success of each team member, and I felt them take that investment in me since the very beginning. Plus, it’s fun to be the obnoxious friend who brags about waking up at 4am to run.

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    Chris Mitchell

    5am Runner since 2016

    Competition and athletics have always been an important part of my life. Of course, family and career can get in the way and led to an approximately15 year hiatus from nearly any vigorous exercise. I achieved consistency with running the summer of 2015 and have been hooked ever since!

    I met Lonn Roberston and a few 5am Madness runners early in 2017 and his advice helped me achieve new levels of performance and fitness. When Jenn Lewis partnered with Lonn to create an official team, I eagerly signed on for their collaborative and professional guidance. Over the past 5 years, I have made continuous and incremental improvements in my race performances. For example, my 10k times have improved by over 5 minutes, my half marathon times by over 10 minutes, and my marathon times by well over 30 minutes.

    Marathon: 2:38 (2022 Eugene Marathon) - NYC and Boston Qualifier
    Half Marathon: 1:18:38
    10K: 35:51 (Butte to Butte 2021)
    5k: 17:29 (2021 Tracktown Throwdown 5k)
    Mile: 5:09

    I feel fortunate to be a part of the 5am Madness Team. Honestly, I know we are a running team, but I am grateful for the family feel Jenn and Lonn have achieved. My long term goal is to continue training for a high level of fitness and to enjoy my friendships in the running community. I hope to help others prepare for goal races and accumulate miles while sharing my life with teammates.

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    Rick Putnam

    5am Runner since 2019

    Rick’s passion for running evolved out of the desire to develop and maintain a quality level of physical and psychological fitness. Over the past 35+ years, Rick has completed a plethora of organized road and trail running events ranging from 5 kilometers to the ultra-distances. Some of Rick’s notable marathons were the 100th and 120th Boston, New York, and Chicago Marathons.

    I find running very therapeutic and enjoy the adventures and communities the activity of running creates. Jagger and Richards (1969) succinctly sum up my deeply held beliefs relative to running, “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”

    Marathon: 2:57:06 - Boston and NYC Qualifier
    Half marathon: 1:26:09
    10K: 38:38
    5K: 18:55

    What I like best about the 5AM Running Madness team is a community of people who encourage, support, and celebrate the achievements of others.

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    Corey Shaw

    5am Runner since 2021

    I began training with a purpose and intentionality in 2019. Prior to that running was more casual and supplementary to my CrossFit training, but definitely something I enjoyed doing, individually and with friends. I frequently ran 5K races or distances up to 10 miles and sometimes a half marathon distance.

    My first distance event was in 2016 or 2017 when I started running 10K distances and further, but really picked up training at the beginning of 2020. With the extra downtime from moving to remote work I committed to training and really focusing on becoming a better runner. I studied a bit about Zone2 training, found a Garmin training plan and off I went! I was also doing CrossFit at this time, so I began doubling up on my workouts, completing a CrossFit workout and then going on a run. This really accelerated my progress (in my opinion) but also made me realize how important intentional, focused training is to hitting my goals. I am still a big advocate for strength training but have realized my true love is running.

    The feeling of moving through space using my body is incredible, especially when you are running through beautiful scenery. One of my favorite days of the week is Saturday because it means there's a long run! I love being able to navigate through sections of town, trails, or paths on your feet, just taking things in. It gives a different perspective of the town we live in.

    Half Marathon: 1:36:52 - Red Queen's Race - Half Marathon Invitational 2022
    10k: 45:45 (Eugene Run to Stay Warm 2021)

    Being on this team has pushed me to achieve goals that I would have never otherwise thought possible. I love the accountability and comradery that comes with being a part of this community!

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    Kate Willett

    5am Runner since 2016

    I started running in 3rd grade. I ran track and cross country all through high school. I ran for my freshman year at San Diego State University. My first marathon was the LA marathon when I was 20. I never really stopped running after that. I love both road and trail races. My favorite distance is a 50k. I would love to do a few races abroad someday, next goal!

    Marathon- 3:13 (Eugene Marathon 2022) NYC and Boston Qualifier
    Half-Marathon - 1:30:24 - Wine Country Half 2022 - 2nd woman overall - NYC qualifier
    Completed the 100miler Pine to Palm

    I love my 5am group to help hold me accountable and we just have fun!!! My favorite thing about our group is that we have a few “chatty” people. When we run track they are just jibber jabbing and I forget that I just ran 10 hard miles. I also learn a bunch of random facts along the way from all the different people doing different things with their lives! Mostly it’s an incredible group of friends that all help challenge, push, and support each other.

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    Bill Wilkins

    5am Runner since 2021

    I began running recreationally in college to get in better shape. I continued that off and on (more off as my overweight body would show) until the age of 40 when a couple of friends asked me to join them on an early morning run, which nearly killed me. It was then I was hooked. We formed a group that would meet at the same parking lot at 5:30 am to run 5 miles. That transitioned into long runs on the weekends, then training for races, marathons and marathon relays together. When I moved from Tulsa to Eugene at the end of 2019, leaving that group was one of the hardest things about my move. Fortunately, soon after my move, I wandered into Eugene Running Company and met Rick Putnam. I started running with Rick and ERC on community runs and trail running adventures. I kept hearing Rick talk about his runs with Team 5am Running Madness and was invited to a couple of their events. In March 2021, I asked Rick where they met and when to be there and I have Running Madness ever since.

    Marathon 3:27:13 (CIM 2021)
    Half Marathon 1:31:50 (2021 Rogue Half) NYC Qualifier
    15K 1:08:56
    10K 42:38 (2021 Butte to Butte)
    5K 21:16

    Running is unique in that it is an individual sport that is meant to be done with others. There is not a better way to get to know another person then to share some miles with them. Team 5AM Madness is a great group of people to share those miles with. Everyone works hard, is encouraging and motivating of each other, and welcomes a newbie like they have known them forever. It is the perfect combination of running friends and Professional Coach-led training to get optimal performance. Finding this community has been very important part of making Eugene my new home.

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    Kacia Woldrige

    5am Runner since 2021

    Running helps me show up stronger and more ready to tackle the challenges of what is my childhood ‘dream job’ of being a parent with my husband to our two year old and four year old boys. I also work as a Certified Ophthalmic Technician with an NCLE certification for a local ophthalmology practice, where I intend to continue to pursue more credentials/certifications as my experience gives me eligibility.

    Marathon: 3:27 - Sauvie Island Marathon 2022 - Boston Qualifier
    Half Marathon 1:27 (Eugene Marathon 2022) - NYC Qualifier
    10k: 39:35 (Eugene Run to Stay Warm 2021)

    I'd been needing a running community for years so I could soak up as much knowledge, miles, encouragement and support I can get. The fact that I can do this now (and mostly before my young children wake up) is such a blessing! I am amazed every week at the encouragement and support of the team and what it has helped me accomplish. I know without a doubt that this style of training is far better in more ways than I realized than the solo “just google it” training I was attempting before.

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    Morgan Christenson

    5am Runner since 2021




    Half Marathon


    Kaarin Knudson

    5am Runner since 2021




    Half Marathon


  • Team Alumni

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    Jess Wright

    5am Runner betwen 2020 and Feb 2022


    50K: 4:46:40 (McKenzie River Trail Run 2018)
    Marathon: 2:59 (2021 Rogue Marathon) NYC and Boston Qualifier
    Half-marathon: 1:23:42 (Row River Time Trial 2020)
    10K: 39:20 (Butte to Butte 2018)
    5K: 18:06 (Stumptown Quarantine 5K Virtual Race 2020)

    At a very basic level the 5AM Running Madness team was ideal for my professional life as I begin seeing my patients at 7 a.m.  I  appreciated the accountability, and genuine care, support, and encouragement from others to succeed in both running and life outside of running. Lonn and Jenn are both so tuned into each individual’s training and performance, on the good and bad days, and provide meaningful feedback.

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    Miriam Udosenata

    5am Runner OG until 2022

    Running saved me at the darkest turning point in my life, it brings me focus, fulfillment, friends, adventure, memories, struggle and success, and a reason, or a distraction, lol.

    Marathon- 3:08 (Sim-CIM-Madness 2020)
    Half-marathon 1:30:33 (Cottage Grove Half 2016)
    10K (B2B) 42ish
    5K- 19:05 (2021)
    50K- 5:09 (MRTR).

    The 5AM crew became my people over the years- dark runs that felt like confession, long runs that cemented deep friendships, pushing me to run farther and faster than I ever (never?) dreamed. Life has me in a place where I can’t be at the 4:45AM runs anymore, but watching the camaraderie and other runners’ successes keeps me running-inspired. Lonn is more than just a coach, he’s an example of spreading your joy so it is multiplied beyond belief. Lucky to know this crew.

    Terri Hurley

    5am Runner OG

    Marathons and Ultramarathons became the center of the Team 5am group's focus early on so I joined the ride and will forever be grateful for the experiences I’ve had. It’s challenged me in so many ways and has prepared me for other life challenges by being strong, present and centered. I’ve been off and on running through the years since I joined the group over a decade ago, but it has always there for me when I return.

    10k: 39.20 (Scandia run)
    Half Marathon 1:30 (Coburg ½)
    Marathon 3:19 (Windemere Spokane Marathon)
    50 K 4:50 (McKenzie River Trail Run)

    5am Madness became the center of my physical, social, mental and spiritual health. The people and structure have changed over the years but the friendships I will have forever.