• Eugene Marathon and Half 2022


    We had 8 marathoners in the race, 3 marathon pacers, and 7 half-marathon runners. It was an amazing experience to run on our home course but with the new experience of finishing on the new Hayward field. It was a big day and there were some incredible PR's for the day. PR or not it was an accomplishment for everyone who ran that day. Many of our runners faced long periods of stress, illness, or injury over the past year and this race was a celebration of progress and how much everyone has overcome. So proud of the team, many tears this day.

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  • Chris Mitchell

    Final Time 2:38:38

    1st Age Group Winner, 4th Masters

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier
    New Overall PR (by ~5minutes)

    Lyndy Davis

    Final Time: 2:52:16

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    First marathon with the team!

    Dan Bowers

    Final Time: 2:58:51

    Boston Marathon Qualifier


    "I was really happy to run my second sub-3 hour marathon at Eugene this year, and get my qualifier for a return trip to Boston, hopefully with many of my 5AM teammates. While I didn't PR, I feel like I ran a smart race given how my body was feeling, and overall I definitely think this spring training cycle was a big success for me. Finishing on the track at Hayward is always a plus!"

    Erin Beltran Whiteaker

    Final Time: 2:59:58

    7th Masters

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    New Overall PR (by 10+ minutes)

    "Hayward Field is where the monikers 'Track Town, USA' and the 'Emerald City' converge. There’s no place like Hayward. Finishing on this historic track and taking a piece of the old stadium with me, in the form of a finisher’s medal, makes my first Eugene Marathon all the more significant."

    Kate Kelp-Stebbins

    Final Time: 3:04:41

    9th Masters

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    New Overall PR (by ~7 minutes)

    "It’s such a magical experience to feel the paths and streets you’ve run a thousand times transformed through the power of race day. One thing stays the same: Lonn will suddenly pop up where you least expect him and shout exactly the right thing to keep you pushing through."

    Sam Cochran

    Pacer for the 3:10 Marathon Group

    Finish Time: 3:09:34

    Morgan Christensen

    Final Time: 3:12:49

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    New Overall PR

    Kate Willett

    Final Time: 3:12:15

    3rd in Age Group

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    New Overall PR (by 5+ minutes)

    Jenn Lewis

    Final Time: 3:14:54

    Boston Marathon Qualifier

    New Overall PR (by 20+minutes)

    "This has been a goal I've been looking to conquer for a long time. After a series of unfortunate events - getting hit by a car, struggling through graduate school, COVID - this was my first marathon in 7 years. I am not a natural marathon runner; it's a very difficult distance for my body and this was a big victory for me to reach this time. It is another example of how running has helped me find strength and courage in myself."

    Allison Churchill

    Pacer for the 3:30 Marathon Group

    Finish time: 3:29:11


    "Pacing the marathon (versus racing it) was fulfilling in a whole new way - it was humbling and exciting and connected me to my community in a way that can’t even be put into words. A chance to reflect on everyone else’s stories and what brought us all here. The highlight of the race was seeing everyone finish amongst the shouts, claps, smiles, and history of Hayward Field."

    Jesse Klein

    Pacer for the 3:40 Marathon Group

    Finish time 3:39:56

    First Road Marathon

    Kacia Woldridge

    Final Time: 1:27:18

    NYC Marathon Qualifier

    New Overall PR (by 3+ minutes)

    Corey Shaw

    Final Time: 1:35:26

    New Overall PR

    Scott Bush

    Final Time: 1:37:00

    "This was a confidence builder post-injury. Not my fastest effort but I was thrilled to hit the exact time I was seeking."

    Ashley Conklin

    Final Time: 1:52:32

    Lizzy Bates

    Final Time: 1:44:58

    Baby's first Marathon

    Bill Willkins

    DNF - switched to the Half-Marathon during the race