• Friends of Five AM (FoFAM)

    What is FoFAM?

    FoFam or Friends of Five AM, is a special recognition we created for the individuals who meaningfully contribute to the team member’s success in their ongoing training and pursuit of goals and who help Team 5am work towards building a stronger running community and giving back to that community. FoFams may contribute to the team in different ways – pacing, training, cheering, more – but the help they provide is significant and meaningful. It requires no specific amount of time or commitments, its just a way to acknowledge the ongoing support someone gives the Team in whatever way they are able!

    What are the benefits of being a FoFAM

    Beyond our deep gratitude, FoFams get to participate in activities and runs that are usually team-only and get the opportunity to build a stronger connection to the team. We also believe the best friendships are those that mutually support each other. So, by being a FoFam, you can trust that Team 5am will do what they can to provide you the same support and help you provide us. FoFams also can purchase and wear Team 5am gear to show their support! We could not support our runners fully or give them as rich of an experience or opportunities without the support of the community!

  • Current FoFAMs

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    Ian Dobson