• California International Marathon 2021


    We had 9 runners participating in the race, 7 supporters, and many other Eugene/Springfield Runner friends out there as well. It turned out to be a great day, great weather and despite some unexpected blisters and bathroom blunders, a good time was had by all. Some big marathon PRs today!

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  • Chris Mitchell

    Final Time 2:51:39

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    Jess Wright

    Final Time: 3:02:28

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    Allison Churchill

    Final Time: 3:06:03

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    Season PR

    Dan Bowers

    Final Time:3:06:55

    Season PR

    Jon Marx

    Final Time: 3:16:07

    New Overall PR (by 12 minutes)

    Kate Willett

    Final Time: 3:18

    NYC and Boston Marathon Qualifier

    New Overall PR (by 6 minutes)

    Bill Willkins

    Final Time: 3:27:13

    New Overall PR (by 19 minutes)

    Rick Putnam

    Final Time:3:32:53

    Ashley Conklin

    DNF - ran 17miles and made the brave and wise choice to withdraw when his body told him it was no longer safe to continue.